Why You Should Use McNeese Field Services, Inc

...32 Years serving the oil industry


One Man Logging Service:

Two Man Logging Service:

1 inch scale or 5 inch scale mud log are available.

                                                                     Sample McNeese Field Services Mudlog














Experience and Service

At McNeese Field Services, our employees meet specific requirements of education and experience to

perform the quality service on which you can depend on.   All our employees are thoroughly trained and

tested in the field of Hydrocarbon Analysis. 




    Safety and safe working conditions top the priority list at McNeese Field Services. 

    All employees regularly attend safety meetings and training programs to enhance safe working practices

    and to help them recognize danger signals.  In addition we have an extensive pre-employment and random

    substance-abuse testing program




Real Time Service (RTS)

McNeese Field Services employs the latest internet technology with on site RTS available for viewing through the internet. 

The RTS is a complete tool for the exploration geologist.  RTS makes it possible to view the mud log data from any internet

connected computer.  RTS sends a continuous image via satellite technology to a secure internet web page which allows the

geologist to view the mud log data in real time.                                  

                                                             Image of the McNeese Field Services Real Time Service.